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About us

Kangdi is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hotel amenities, air line items, travel products, as well as oral care and personal care products. In 15 years, we have been committed to providing customers the best quality service.

Our products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Latin America. As in the past, we provided customers with personalized design to meet different needs.

Our production base is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, covers an area of 18000 square meters, has passed ISO9001, AQF, ITS certification, with advanced production lines: Zahoransky toothbrush production line, automatic tube production line, automatic UV printing machine, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, automatic soap production line, slippers production line, Dust-free clean liquid filling line, automatic packaging machines and other equipments.

Environmental friendly products is our focus of attention in recent years, through the successful practice on plastic products with corn starch, d2w and other environmental protection materials, more and more customers from abroad and domestic China choose our products. At the same time, there is relentless pursuit of development in the new products, new technology in our company, such as nanometer bristles on toothbrush, bamboo charcoal toothbrush, made a very good response in the market.

Thanks for the old customers the way with us for many years, we hope to get every new customer’s trust. As in the past, our professional team will provide you best quality service, high value products, fast delivery and creative designs.

Kangdi  will bring you a healthy life, comfortable journey!


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